Top 5 Management Skills – To Become a Manager

Top 5 Management Skills

Management skills are essential for any

ambitious leader whether you’re an

entrepreneur current manager or

soon-to-be manager we have created a

guide of the top management skills to

help you on your leadership journey


the first question is how can you be a

good manager a good manager needs to

have three basic management skills in

their professional toolkit first strong

leadership skills you don’t have to be a

natural-born leader to be an

inspirational manager leadership can and

should be learned as a leader you need

to have strong influence and a desire to

make an impact on everyone around you

learn our basic leadership skills in our

primer at science at slash

leadership which will give you our 16

science fact skills to be a better

leader the second thing you need to have

to be a good manager are strong

interpersonal skills managers are

constantly communicating with others

whether that’s hiring a new employee

solving a conflict or trying to bring

together a team it’s incredibly

important for managers to have

exceptional interpersonal skills dive

into our interpersonal primer at science

of people calm / interpersonal – skills

the last thing you need to be a good

manager is to have strong body language

skills didn’t expect to see body

language on this list at our science

people lab we believe that nonverbal

intelligence is essential for every

manager you need to know how to both

decode other people’s nonverbal cues and

control your own cues start with our

body language primer at science at

/ body – language now let’s say you have

excellent body language commendable

interpersonal skills and exceptional

leadership skills what’s a good manager

to do next here’s what’s important to

keep in mind about what makes a good

manager there is no perfect recipe of

management skills

anytime we strive for perfection we’re

gonna miss the mark but I do think we

can get pretty close as lead

investigator at my human behavior

research lab science of people I have

worked with thousands of managers from

companies all around the world from

fortune 500 companies to small

businesses to sole proprietor

entrepreneurs I have found there is one

common trait of a successful manager a

good manager or rather a great manager

is obsessed

with potential they feel they have great

potential to change the world or they

want to activate that potential in

others I have put together my top

management skills for activating your

potential in your team your colleagues

and yourself do you have lots of

untapped potential great let’s dive into

my five top skills number one be a

meeting pro as a manager you will be

leaving lots and lots and lots of

meetings basically meetings will become

your Olympic sport it’s crucial that you

set yourself up and your team for

success here’s how to prep for an

amazing meeting as an amazing manager

meeting goals what are your meeting

goals is this a creative meeting or a

strategic meeting do you want people to

bond or be productive knowing your goals

is an important first step I like to put

a one sentence or even one word goal at

the top of the meeting agenda or my

calendar invite this Prime’s people to

be goal facing every time they think of

the meeting coming up think about if you

saw the word creative for your Friday

meeting that’s a very different primer

than strategic so get clear on your goal

and share it meeting warm ups athletes

warm up before a game

musicians warm up before performance why

don’t professionals warm up before

meetings every good manager should not

only think about the agenda of a meeting

but also the warmup you might want to

warm up your own vocal power or try some

of our pre performance rituals and

icebreakers for professionals third

agenda set your agenda for the group and

send this out to attendees ahead of time

this is important because it helps

people mentally prepare for the meeting

and make sure you use your time

efficiently fourth post mortem this is

the one everyone forgets what needs to

happen after a meeting this could be

assigning to dues but it could also be

thanking a meeting attendee for a great

idea or their participation don’t

underestimate the power of the follow-up

and always set aside time for yourself

as a manager to do a meeting post-mortem

you can do these immediately following

the meeting or at the end of a day or

week and look at all of your meetings

holistically go set a calendar reminder

right now dealing with difficult


do you have a difficult employee this

might be one of the hardest management

skills to master depending on what type

of difficult employee you have you need

to know how to do a few things as a

manager first you have to set up

expectations what kind of work

environment do you want to have what

culture do you want to have how do you

best communicate you set your employees

up for success by laying out

expectations immediately at the start of

a relationship second be fast to set


if an employee underperforms or doesn’t

mean an expectation be fast to set a

boundary and give feedback don’t let

things Fester don’t let resentment build

it’s your job as a great manager to be

the first to put out a negative spark

before it starts a fire nothing working

you might have a very difficult employee

if so know my four types of toxic people

and how to deal number-three manage in

every channel managers might be managing

teams in the office virtual employees or

remote teams to be an exceptional

manager you have to be good at all of

those channels first get clear on which

channels you prefer to use as a manager

are you in person all the time

do you prefer email over all else or are

you a phone chatter pick your favorite

channels and make sure your team’s know

what you prefer second know what your

employees prefer do you have a certain

colleague in HR that just hates the

phone make a mental note do you know an

introvert on your team who prefers email

honor that preference when you can and

lastly if you have a virtual team be

sure to get all of your remote team tips

and communication strategies on point

number four the single best

team-building exercise

this is my absolute favorite management

skill in this entire guide right now put

a team-building meeting on your calendar

to do this exercise it will help you

identify your team’s strengths

weaknesses and skill gaps it’s also a

great way to bond set aside at least an

hour to do this on your next retreat or

monthly meeting number five manage your


you might be lucky enough to be your own

boss but likely you have someone to

answer to above you great managers know

how to manage up having a strong

relationship with your boss is essential

to being a good manager for your team

learn how to decode your boss’s behavior

and personality management skills are

all about taking control of your

relationships and reputation at work

these first five skills are just the

start need the advanced strategies

people school is the most comprehensive

science backed soft skills curriculum in

the industry it’s 12 weeks of content

all conducted virtually join thousands

of other managers entrepreneurs and

fortune 500 professionals who want to

advance their managerial skills at

science of slash P school or

start with our free audio training

praiseworthy performance at signs of slash praiseworthy are you

living up to your full potential do you

want more

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