Top 10 Jobs For Business Majors

Best 10 Jobs For Business Majors

I’m going

to go over 10 of the top most likely

highest paying jobs that you guys can go

out and get there are millions of jobs

for business majors out there but on

average these are pretty high-paying I’m

gonna go over what these 10 are I am

gonna go from the lowest paying to the

highest paying number one will be the

highest bang but don’t skip there it’s

important to watch them all you gotta

earn that number one but also maybe

along the way you’ll find something that

really piques your interest in something

that you’re interested in now there’s so

many jobs that you guys can get these

are just a small snippet and I’m excited

to jump into them so let’s jump into

what number 10 is of the highest paying

or top jobs for business majors and if

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more thing at the very end after these

ten I’m gonna go over two bonus jobs

that you can get one of them pays a

whole lot of money but needs a little

bit more education and another one just

the sky’s the limit you can make an

insane amount of money so those two

bonuses will be at the end after I go

over number one so be sure to stick

around for those number 10 remember

we’re going from 10 to one so number 10

is an accountant and the average salary

of an accountant is gonna be about sixty

nine thousand three hundred and fifty

dollars now what an accountant does is

essentially what they do is just make

sure that the finances of a company runs

smoothly they take all the transactions

and then make sure that they’re recorded

correctly and they just really put them

all together to make meaningful and

helpful documents for managers and CEOs

and especially auditors and different

things like that so it’s all about

making sure company’s finances run

smoothly and are recorded properly

number nine is a training and

development manager which is going to

make about seventy five thousand one

hundred and ninety two dollars an


this does is this person will go into a

company or work for a company and

they’ll see what training they see the

employees need so maybe they’re lacking

in this particular area and they need

this particular training or they would

like the employees to know this to be

able to propel the business into this

certain field and just grow bigger and

bigger this is obviously very desirable

for business owners that want their

company to grow so this is a rather

in-demand field number eight is an

Operations research analyst which is

going to make about eighty one thousand

three hundred and ninety dollars on

average and what this does is they look

at the daily operations of a certain

business and they run mathematical

equations and different formulas and

analysis to see how those operations are

doing how their kind of return on

investment how the company’s doing see

if there’s any way you can streamline

different processes it’s all about

helping the company run smoothly as

possible through mathematical formulas

that say this is what we should cut out

this is what we should add and you can

start to see how this is needed at a lot

of big companies just to make sure

they’re running efficiently and smoothly

and getting as much done as they

possibly can

number seven is a management analyst

which is gonna make about eighty two

thousand four hundred and fifty dollars

on average and what this does is it’s

very similar to that opera operations

Research Analyst except now it’s more

specific to management so rather than

looking at all the operations and seeing

how they should streamline the company

it’s all about helping management make

decisions now some of those decisions

might be about basic operations of the

business but there will be other

decisions that business owners have to

make as well and these analytics people

will go through and try to figure out

how they should go about solving this

particular problem so essentially you

are the problem solver for management

and that’s what you will do with this

job it’s sort of quite fascinating job a

lot of actually economics majors go

force about fourth in two in these

positions but they are also open for

business majors as well so it’s a really

interesting field and you really get to

learn about how business works and

that light is bright I just see it in

the camera just shining on me ho a

little warm in here I think I’m glowing

a little bit but all right let’s move on

all right number six is a financial

analyst and this is another one of those

analytics positions and what this will

do is you’ll usually be working for a

company or sometimes a person and you

just run financial analysis so this

would be looking at stocks looking at

bonds and running different analytics on

them and just seeing what you think the

company should do you would look at the

goals of the company the return they

want and you’ll go about seeing how you

should do that this is definitely for

someone that’s really into the stock

market really ends you oftentimes

mathematics and different things like

that you can learn a lot doing and I

find this field really really

fascinating as far as it comes to

financial analysts analysis and anything

like that so be sure to look into being

a financial analyst you can learn a

whole lot they are obviously in demand

because companies don’t want their money

just sitting in a bank account they want

to give it to you and they want you to

go and get them a return number five we

are halfway through and this one is a

close sibling to that financial analyst

and that is a financial advisor now a

financial advisor is gonna make about

ninety thousand six hundred and forty

dollars on average as far as the salary

goes and what an advisor does is just

what it sounds like it advises someone

on their finances so it’s a little

different from the financial analyst

position in that you’re no longer really

working for just a giant company drew

with the sole focus being on return on

investment as far as an advisor you

oftentimes have a lot of one-on-one time

with a client of yours and you’ll be

helping them get out of sticky

situations I hope to go down this kind

of financial advisory path I find it

really really rewarding

you guys know I love finance and it’s

always nice to help people out so it

just seems like a good end for me and I

hope to get there one day number four

and this one is one I’m actually really

really interested in I’ll talk a little

bit about it but I’m really excited

about this one and I really think it’s a

great position for business majors econ

majors and everything else like

and that is a healthcare administrator

and they are gonna make about ninety

eight thousand three hundred and fifty

dollars average salary now what does

this do well it’s a very very broad term

and it they do a whole bunch but what

they do is there’ll be an administrator

kind of a management position at a

hospital and they make sure the ongoings

of the hospital are just running

smoothly but it does have that kind of

financial side to it where you’ll be

looking at a lot of financial stuff and

just making sure hospitals are running

smoothly and efficiently you are coming

in with more of a business mind where a

lot of other people there will be more

health-care minded hence you are working

in a hospital but the hospitals are

businesses so they do need business

people to go in and just make sure

everything is running how it should be

there’s a lot of money a lot of

transactions that go on in healthcare

but I find it really really fascinating

one of the reasons is I actually have an

internship in a healthcare related field

it’s more of a health care marketplace

than it is a hospital specifically but

it has really got me into that

healthcare industry and I find the

finances of health care very very

fascinating very complex but I just find

it really interesting how everything

kind of ebbs and flows and works

together we’re also in a field that is

always going to be in demand healthcare

is always going to be there for the rest

of time people are probably going to

keep getting sick unless somehow we turn

into robots so that took a turn but it’s

a very in demand field and it’s just a

really great high paying job to have

number three is an actuary and we have

finally broken the hundred thousand

dollar salary average and an actuary on

average is going to be about a hundred

one thousand five hundred and sixty

dollars now I do have to mention with

this job and also a couple others I

mentioned you will need to get specific

courses and certifications and extra

schooling and tests and therefore things

like that but it is open to business

admin majors and oftentimes just a few

other tests and then things like that

you’ll need it certainly goes with

financial advisories so I just need to

add that in there oftentimes maybe right

after you graduate you can’t go right

into these jobs but they are could be in

your not-too-distant future so let’s

jump into what an actuary is

what they are is they run mathematical

analysis on the probability of certain

events happening so who would want to

know this well one person wants to know

it would be an insurance agency they

want to know what is the probability of

this certain thing happening that we

would have to cover so maybe the how

often does a house go on fire and

because of that number because of that

percentage what should our rates be and

it actually goes and tries to figure all

that out so it is a lot of statistics

a lot of mathematics often times

probably a lot of calculus and ever

things like that so it is very much so a

mathematical position but it is of

course business-minded because you are

working for a company and you’re just

making decisions based on what you find

so it’s a very fascinating position and

as you can see from the salary it does

pay quite well

number two is a purchasing manager and a

purchasing manager on average is gonna

make about one hundred and eighteen

thousand nine hundred and forty dollars

a year now what a purchasing manager

does is it just what it sounds like they

make purchases for a company now they

don’t just get the company card and just

run around willy-nilly just buying

anything they want no they make very

calculated decisions about what should

be bought what is gonna be the best

return on investment for the company

this isn’t necessarily stocks and bonds

but this is just different operations

and different things that companies may

want to buy that is it worth it is this

expensive thing we want to buy gonna

give us a good enough return then it’s

worth it so purchasing managers gonna go

over all the different purchases the

company wants to make and they will

approve them and they’ll kind of figure

out how what they should get and how

they should go about that number one

well before the two bonuses at the end

but number one is a financial manager

and a financial manager average salary

is gonna be about a hundred and twenty

five thousand in $80.00 and what a

financial manager does is quite broad

they do a whole lot because they are

managing finances for a particular

company so you’re gonna look over the

investments that the company is making

the expenditures that they’re gonna be

making your me working with a lot of

different people so you’re gonna be

looking at what the analysis team and

what the

analytics are that they’re producing

you’re gonna look at and manage a lot of

the accountants to make sure everything

is running smoothly they’re seeing if

there’s any kinks or anything that you

need to work out in that field you even

look at the purchasing manager as we

talked about just to see if the company

is making correct purchases you’ll make

financial decisions you’ll be oftentimes

very close with management they’ll want

to sit down with you and really figure

out where the company is financially so

oftentimes this isn’t a job that someone

jumps into right away unless you do have

experience with it then yes you can but

oftentimes this is a job that a lot of

business admin majors will work up to so

you started a company in one of the

other financial positions and slowly you

kind of work your way up until you are

the financial manager so it is a great

job it is kind of creme de la creme of

kind of business jobs out there and I

think it’s great for a lot of business

people that are into finances and it’s

just a really good job to have you it’s

very rewarding you of course have to be

a leader and you’re kind of like a mini

CEO in a way so great job to have and as

of course it does pay a lot but that

does conclude those top ten I do want to

jump into those two bonuses though that

I promised at the end so if you’ve made

it this far thank you congratulations

you are now going to kind of reap the

rewards of it by these two bonuses now

the first bonus I didn’t want to add in

that kind of ten because it does require

quite a bit of extra education I know I

did say some of the other ones also

needed different certificates and maybe

a little bit more education but this

one’s a little more drastic in that it

didn’t for most of the jobs need a

graduate degree in different things like

that and that is an investment baking’s

and this salary varies drastically now

what I saw as far as average salaries go

you can make from around $100,000 to

$500,000 and really with investment

making the sky’s the limit if you look

at some of the wealthiest people in the

world the wealthiest people on Wall

Street and in Investment Banking they

are billionaires making tons and tons of


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