The Huawei Ban: Explained!

The Huawei Ban: Explained!

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all right we got a lot to talk about hey

what’s up guys i’m kim Bhd here and you

may have recently seen some version of

the news that Huawei was cut off from

Google and now all their Android devices

are in limbo but clearly there’s a lot

more to it this is a super complex topic

with policy and timelines and a whole

bunch of moving parts so I clearly

didn’t rush this video out I wanted to

actually take my time to summarize this

topic but here we are so this is

everything you need to know so far in

one place so Huawei in case you didn’t

already know based in China huge company

absolutely massive and they have all

kinds of businesses in tech they sell

networking equipment they sell computers

and they sell most notably smartphones

they are the number two largest by

market share smartphone vendor on planet


second only to Samsung and right above

Apple so as you may have heard or read

in the news over the past few months the

US and China have been escalating this

trade war from both sides plus there’s

been a history of security concerns over

the potential of US companies buying

Huawei networking equipment and then

possibly getting spied on by the Chinese

government US government agencies were

even banned from buying Huawei phones at

all so no matter how you view those

things either way Huawei’s status in the

US has been pretty shaky for a little

while now for various reasons they knew

it we knew it that’s just the climate

we’re in so the big new news now is that

the US government signed an executive

order into effect that added Huawei to

effectively a blacklist of companies

that are restricted from doing any

business with any US company at all

period it’s been worded a bunch of

different ways but that’s basically what

went down and now the implications from

that have run far and why I mean

nothing’s really rocked the tech world

quite like this in a little while so the

biggest most obvious headline from this

is Google they’re a US company Huawei

does business with Google they make

Android phones so when this executive

order came out in response Google

complied by stopping all business with

Huawei and pulling their license to use

Android that wasn’t like a choice they

made or a decision they had really

they’re just complying with the

executive order Google’s in the u.s.

Huawei is not allowed to do business

with any company in the US

they can’t be sold any software or any

licenses so they can’t use Android so

this is of course terrible news for why

away who by the way was the

fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer

in the world they were coming up quick

on that number one spot so now the big

question we’re all wondering is what

does this mean for the past and present

and future Huawei devices so for Huawei

devices past and present like if you own

a huawei phone like me like a p30 pro or

you’re thinking about getting a p30 pro

or a p30 here’s the deal first of all

they were issued a 90-day exemption so

they will be able to continue sending

software updates and security updates to

existing Huawei phones for the next 90

days into August so that sort of softens

the blow a little bit I guess and I do

believe this also includes honor by the

way honor being as a brand that’s owned

completely by Huawei a sub brand of them

but honor and Huawei phones are all sort

of under the same umbrella so these

phones will all still work and they’ll

still keep getting software updates and

also Google tweeted from their Android

account that while they comply with US

government requirements services like

Google Play and security from Google

Play protect they will keep functioning

on your existing Huawei device for now

but these phones if things stay the way

they are basically these phones will

most certainly stop getting software

updates like even if you’re not in the

US no matter where you are if your wall

way phone runs Google services those

will stop and you’ll study these phones

will not get the latest version of

Android basically at the end of this

90-day extension whatever software

version these phones have is the one

that they’ll have for the rest of their

life which is definitely not ideal so

what does Huawei do from here like what

can while we do about their future

phones and can while we even make future

phones without any US business help fun

fact they spent seventy billion dollars

buying components for Hardware last year

eleven billion of that went to US

companies like Qualcomm Intel etc and

actually our technical as pasta Dan

article with a pretty good breakdown of

all the parts and components that

huawei’s been buying to make their

smartphones and a lot of them come from

US companies the Gorilla Glass the flash

storage some radios it’s

cetera all from us from looking at this

list it doesn’t seem totally unrealistic

that I mean they don’t want to obviously

but they seem like they could totally

switch all of their suppliers from US

companies to others to get around this

it’s not what they want to do involve

spending a lot of money and doing a lot

of work but they’re one of the few OEMs

that doesn’t rely on Qualcomm for the

silicon they make their own Kirin 980

chip for the the may 20 Pro and the P 30

pro so in theory with a lot of effort

they could keep making these physical

phones and also Bloomberg has reported

that Huawei has built up a 3-month

stockpile of the parts they like to use

ahead of this ban which is actually

pretty impressive but even if they did

replace all of these Hardware suppliers

with alternatives in the next 90 days

the software is still the big question

how do you make a phone without Google

without the Android license without the

Google Playstore technically Android

itself is open source just bare-bones

stock Android is just an open source

project which has led many to speculate

you don’t need a license you’re going to

do business with Google to just use AOSP

so they could use bone stock Android but

that’s not ideal because even that is

further and further from the version

Google uses every day and that still

doesn’t include things like Google

services Gmail YouTube it’s just not

ideal the more I read into it it turns

out we always been sort of quietly

bracing themselves for something like

this for a while similar to Samsung

they’ve recognized their reliance on

Google and Google services as a bad

thing so they’ve been slowly building

things behind the scenes to be able to

get ready to replace them supposedly

they’ve been working on a backup oh s

that supports Android apps and they’ve

been working on building their own app

store the problem is that is an immense

challenge to try to get people to use an

alternate OS and an alternate app store

especially if it doesn’t look exactly

the same as the one they’re used to

especially the App Store and if you

can’t do business with US companies you

can’t expect to be able to negotiate

your way into getting the Netflix’s and

Pandora’s and Facebook’s and instagrams

on your alternate App Store and even if

you can we’ve seen others like Amazon

try you’ve seen

the Amazon Appstore right Amazon is a

multi-billion dollar company and the sad

version of an app store that they have

is nowhere near a replacement of the

ones that were used to so it’s a super

massive challenge to try to build up

your own app store out of nowhere so

this spells a lot of work for a while

way like it shows how big of an impact

just getting cut from your ties with

Google can have on your business they’ve

seen this coming they’ve known that this

is possible but now that it’s happened

it’s awful so the way things stand now

they could in theory after the 90 days

is up continue to make phones entirely

through nine US companies but those

phones wouldn’t have Android they

wouldn’t have the Google Play services

which are crucial and they wouldn’t have

the Google Play Store

it’s tough and of course it’s not just

Google that they’re cut off from like

that that’s the big headlining one

because they make a lot of Android

phones but there’s plenty of other US

companies that they do business with

Microsoft Intel Nvidia Huawei has been

making laptops and pretty good ones mind

you competitively for a while now but as

far as I can tell they can’t keep making

Windows laptops without doing business

with Microsoft and Intel and NVIDIA and

these companies that’s brutal too so as

a person that really likes tech all of

this news is terrible because having one

less company means less competition

which is less incentive for these

companies to work hard and make great

stuff I mean we’ve seen it ourselves

with how good their phones have gotten

lately and how good they’ve made all the

phones around them even if you’re not a

fan of Huawei or if you don’t like their

stuff we have to admit that having them

around is good for consumers it’s good

for us and also side note if you think

about it this is also pretty bad just

specifically for folding phones like the

galaxy fold kind of just had its own PR

nightmare all by itself over there for a

couple weeks which sort of turned

people’s heads to the other folding

phone that would be coming to market

soon which was gonna be the wall a mate

X but now I mean what if it came and run

Android but hey Wow way is like I said a

huge company like a really huge company

so I guess if anyone can recover

from such a massive setback to multiple

parts of their business I guess

it’s them I mean this is not ideal at

all their ideal case would be the

government renegotiates things and they

reverse the executive order and things

go back to normal but in the case that

that doesn’t happen at least they have

billions of dollars to try something but

even if they do come back if you think

about it the bigger damage might really

just be the way people think about

Huawei as a company to potentially buy

products from you know the reputation

isn’t exactly great especially in the US

so now good luck trying to convince

someone to spend a thousand dollars

instead of an iPhone on a huawei phone

that doesn’t even have the Play Store or

run Android anymore that’s a tough sell

if you look back a very similar

situation happened to ZTE in 2018 last

year they got cut off from all their US

business relationships and they were

never the same they didn’t exactly come

back strong from that but Huawei is this

Goliath so I’m thinking things will go a

bit differently this time or at least

I’m hoping things will go differently

for the sake of competition but to be

honest this whole situation is far from

over these things evolve they change

over time I would be shocked if this

whole thing was reversed in the next

couple months just because that’s sort

of the way things have gone recently but

as of right now we’re just kind of in

this unsatisfying limbo as we speculate

about Huawei’s future but that’s

basically all there is to know right now

there you have it so that’s been it

I’ll leave all the links for all my

sources down below in case you want to

read up on this yourself and of course

feel free to share this video for anyone

who might be headline reading or curious

about the situation will always found

themselves in right now and I’ll catch

you guys in the next video peace

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