Tesla CyberTruck Impressions & First Drive!

Tesla CyberTruck Impressions & First Drive!



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it what’s up guys not to be here all

right couple things number one yes I’m out

here in California yet again and yes I’m

vlogging number two yes I am wearing

glasses and that’s because I am getting

LASIK eye correction surgery on December

10th which involves not wearing my

contacts or we I really gotta learn how

to light for reflections here but that’s

gonna be a thing you’ll see temporarily

then three yes I am wearing some of the

newest merch it is available now it’s

back in the store for the entire holiday

season and if you get it it will ship by

the holiday so that’s really exciting so

if you want that link below and for as I

switch hands here I’m out here for the

Tesla pickup truck event this is one of

the few pieces of tech that didn’t leak

in 2019 which is actually really

impressive but Tesla’s been pretty good

at that same thing happened with the

Roadster so I’m here to see it so if you

want my first impressions of a pickup

truck from someone who doesn’t really

use pickup trucks but I’m still curious

about an electric one I’m here for that

I’m doing my best


all right so this event was pretty wild

in a lot of ways I feel like it was the

most showy Tesla event in a while you

know they had props they had lasers they

had a just a lot of excited people and

they had an unveiling of a product that

they had kept a secret for awhile a

pickup truck so leave on he gets on

stage he does his intro and pretty

quickly it rolls right out and holy

mother of Batman what the hell is that

that that is not the shape or the look

or any of what I was expecting it looks

like a like a low poly count render of

what the pickup truck is supposed to

look like in a video game like it looks

like one of those fan made renders that

people were making for a month that

you’d say oh it totally doesn’t look

like that but here it is I’d say this

reaction from some fellow tech youtubers

I was watching with sums it up pretty

well it was wild okay so there’s really

not a whole lot of anything else like it

out on the road so there’s some stuff

you can pick up about it from the

livestream and from watching the event

and on the site and there’s more to

learn from actually being here so on


Elon went over the cyber trucks

stainless steel exoskeleton which on one

hand sounds really impressive I did a

demo of Franz literally hitting it with

a sledgehammer and not denting it so

that demo went great but also seems very

tricky to work with when the entire body

is this one piece of metal bodywork must

be a nightmare I think but I guess

that’s not new for Tesla so the body is

essentially bulletproof but then there’s

the windows which they also had some

demos for and they had some bold claims

about how tough it was and they dropped

a heavy metal ball from great heights

onto a sheet of it and it didn’t shatter

cool but then they tossed that same ball

lightly at the one actual pickup truck

prototype they have working and both

times the glass broke didn’t completely

make it through to be fair but yeah

either this prototype didn’t actually

have the super tough glass or they’ve

got some work to do on that one but then

of course there was this specs which

were really impressive maybe the most

impressive part of the truck so starting

at 40

and dollars for a single motor

rear-wheel drive with a six and a half

second zero to sixty and adaptive

suspension all the way up to a triple

motor all-wheel drive option that goes

zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds and will have

a 500 plus mile range and a 14,000 pound

towing capacity for reference the 2024

f150 can tow about half of that and

that’s about all you get from the

presentation you get your numbers it

rolls onstage you see it so it was up to

us to find the pickup truck outside and

learn about as much as we can in person

so I can tell you exactly what I found

from that and basically it is a really

striking truck and it’s huge

it really is massive so your boy was

first on line to get a test ride so

literally Franz and his family got out

of the truck as it pulled up with brand

new fixed glass to give us test rides

and I hopped in the front seat for a

quick little one-minute hot lap and yeah

you can tell right away it’s very bare

prototype feeling on the interior

there’s another yolk steering wheel

similar to the 20/20 roadster prototype

it is basically the same touchscreen as

a model 3 but with new graphics on it

for the cyber truck not sure how final

that is but it looked cool and yeah tons

of glass tons of space lots of headroom

and foot room and you are really high

off the ground you really hiking up to

get into this thing the rear view mirror

if you caught that is a display showing

the rear facing camera and the space in

the middle between the driver and the

passenger is actually a third seat

folded down so it’s a six seater three

seats in the front row three seats in

the back and they’re both benches so

yeah and you kind of get this like

marble countertop like blank surface

area in the front very strange to me but

yeah that’s about all I could tell we

also did a bit of an acceleration test

apparently this is a dual motor variant

and I didn’t point the camera at the

speedometer the whole time

I’d say we got up to 60 here’s a video I

took later from the outside

so yeah this thing clearly hauls and it

sounds crazy with those tires and all

that weight but yeah it’s gonna be

really fast for a pickup truck of course

but yeah I feel like there’s just so

much to take in and it’s also

unconventional michael fisher said

something to me at the event and he’ll

probably have a video about it too with

his thoughts and I’ll link that below

when it goes up but one along the lines

of well hey at least we’re not bored and

it’s kind of funny the more you think

about it the more that is super true

about this truck Tesla could have gone

with a super cookie cutter design and

made it exactly what you’d expect you

know just take an existing Tesla design

and morph it into a pickup truck take a

modern why just cut the back off in fact

I love that that’s exactly what Simone

Geerts did with her model 3 in her

incredible video I will link that below

and she had her truck ‘la here at the

event but the cyber truck nah yeah that

that cyber truck shares as far as I can

tell pretty much no DNA from any other

Tesla model outside of I guess just the

door handles you know instead of curves

it has angles it looks like the cabin is

a damn triangle the bar headlights are

kind of cool there’s also a roof bar

headlight the the tail light is a bar

the wheels are crazy everything is

rethought hopefully for the better and

also I did feel like there’s a lot we

still don’t know like when does this

come out we didn’t get a date but people

can already pre order them and reserve

them and get online

where are the windshield wipers where is

the sideview mirrors what’s the bed made

of that ATV that they brought out at the

end and is sort of a one more thing move

that they pulled up and fit in the back

of the cyber truck and charged it in the

back are they selling that to like how

much is that going to be is that an

option with the cyber truck it kind of

looks like a spoiler like the truck

looks better with the ATV in the back

you know there’s just a lot to think

about with something where Tesla is

attacking this new market but the way

things go for Tesla you know kind of

like the model why I think we’ll start

to see the details creep out a little

bit as they get finalized and closer to

production and as of right now we just

have this massive hype unveiling to get

people talking about it

thinking about it and it’s worked and

now we have a big wait but yeah it’s

it’s one of the most polarizing

automotive designs I have ever seen to

me not a truck person it seems super

badass like the Mars rover type of stuff

I couldn’t see myself driving it but it

looks crazy

but if you ask around seems like people

either really like it or really hate it

so I’m curious where do you fall on that

spectrum what do you think about the

cyber truck you can’t stay in the middle

you got to pick one either way thanks

for watching this initial first

impressions from the cyber truck event

from Tesla more to come catch you guys

in the next one


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