Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: The Go-To!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: The Go-To!


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hey what’s up guys I’m cabby HD here so

a pretty general theory I’ve had gone

for a while now is every product

category that’s well-established enough

has a go to like an easy to recommend

checks all the boxes safe bet straight

shot right down the middle like if you

want a mouse there’s the Logitech MX

series that’s been around if you want a

microphone the shore sm7b is like the

standard for phones it’s like the iPhone

now this doesn’t mean that this is the

one for everyone

in fact it usually isn’t for everyone

you use that as sort of a starting point

and then when you find that the values

you have and the things you like then

you veer off into the alternatives that

you might pay more for but there’s

always that starting go-to and so for

wireless earbuds that aren’t air pods

the go-to is the Samsung Galaxy buds

plus for sure 100% and they should be

now that doesn’t mean they’re perfect

that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone

but they check all of the fundamental

boxes that make them incredibly easy to

recommend and enjoy they’re pretty great

so what’s so great about these $150

wireless earbuds well when you look at

what you want from these they got to be

small check they got to be lightweight

check they got to fit in your ears and

that’s a check for me they do fit well

in my ear comfortably thanks to the

rubber tips unlike air pods and they

actually create a sort of a passive seal

now they’re not active noise-cancelling

but you know at this price you don’t

really see that that much but the seal

is actually enough that I don’t miss it

that much and I realize everyone’s ears

are different so you know different

people will have slightly different fits

but I was really impressed with the fit

of these ear buds now snug they are in

my ear now I personally still rather

have an active noise cancellation

version of these that’s for my values

and what I like so if they made that

like a pro version I’d be super cool

with that but even just putting these in

my ear I feel like I’m talking louder

cuz they create that seal and dim down

the environment and by the time you

start playing music you don’t really

hear much else so for flying and mass

transit and construction and loud stuff

maybe this isn’t the way to go but

generally for everyday use pretty good

so they’re comfortable

they have a legitimate best-in-class 11

hour battery life for music listening

which is mostly what I do with earbuds

and that’s great and fast charging but

honestly being able to go a full week of

casual listening and not having any

battery anxiety till like the last day

of the week is awesome and in speaking

of charging the case these sit in are

also pretty textbook you can’t forget

about the case it’s small and slim it’s

just as pocketable and lightweight as

air pods and it has USB type-c for

charging and it’s also capable of

wireless charging if you want to put it

on the back of your phone or on any

wireless charger it’ll do that too and

it even has a nice hinge weight and

magnets for the lid to open and close

with a satisfying click it’s maybe not

quite as satisfying as pixel buds but

that’s a pretty good click the buds are

built well they have this sort of a

rubber fin around the outside that helps

them seat in your ear instead of like

one little piece poking out that can get

kind of painful and I found that this is

enough to stay in my ears really well

not quite as locked in as say the


with the full-on wingtips on those

things but locked in enough that I felt

comfortable working out in them it had

no problems they stay in my ears and

speaking of working out

these are I px 2 rated so some sweat is

fine now I still I would say they

shouldn’t be dedicated workout

headphones like maybe power beats or

anything ipx7 certified but if you wear

them everyday and you like happen to

step out and sweat while wearing them or

do a quick workout they are fine and

then the touch controls are also really


both earbuds have that pretty large

touchpad surface and that’s where you

play pause that’s where you fast-forward

accept calls long press for assistant

all that stuff I’ve been using them with

my 1+8 pro so they call Google assistant

not Bixby but they worked fine with any

Android phone or iPhone for that matter

but they do work a little bit better

with a Samsung phone because then you

can get the galaxy Budds app and that

gives you a little more control over

customizing media controls and ambient

sound pastor but generally even without

that app they’ve been rock-solid no

connection issues even walking across

the studio leaving my phone over here

having them in my backpack no problem

and then the sound from these guys

was really quite good I was very

impressed and happy with the sound from

these they have what I would call a very

full sound they have a big rich full

bass crisp clean mids and highs no

background hiss these are tuned by AKG

and they’re proud to put their name on

it and I can see why the only complaint

I could see coming from a different pair

of earbuds or headphones is these may

actually feel a bit bass heavy if you’re

not used to all this but they can turn

that down in the EQ quite easily but

I’ll tell you right now I won’t be doing

that I listen to a lot of music and the

way they sound out the box is great it’s

already great for music I think I’d go

so far as to say these are the best

sounding non noise canceling wireless

earbuds I’ve tried he’s the truth right

now honestly it makes me kind of wish I

brought them out on the channel sooner I

don’t really have anything bad to say

about these but I’m gonna nitpick

because that’s what you do and that’s

how you get products to be better the

next time around I’m sure Samsung’s

working on a next version of these so

what I’ll say is these don’t really look

that great to me

I feel like they could do with a little

bit better of a design I mean I guess

almost none really look that great but

to me pixel buds do look really good and

I love the colors I wish air pods did

colors too like this but I don’t know

for some reason it looks like it feels

like cheap plastic to me I think maybe a

matte finish that the more premium ones

got going on looks better and I think

that could have saved these a bit too

but look Galaxy buds plus it’s the go-to

just remember the name you know they the

battery life I think is their best

feature and that’s a nice relaxing

comfortable feature to have be really

good but the sound is really good the

fit in my ears is really good the

microphones are pretty good and then the

case is great just checks all the boxes

so it’s like now that you know about

these you might decide oh okay what I

know I like I want to spend more because

I want noise cancellation and then you

can go get active noise cancellation you

spend a bit more and there’s plenty of

options for those like the sony is an

ear pods pro or we might go you know

what i like these but i also want them

to be more workout focused headphones

then you go for something with better

waterproofing or more of the wingtip fit

near stuff like the Jaybirds or power

beats so there’s other headphones that

do plenty of things

but if there’s anyone out there

wondering what’s the de facto set of non

air pods wireless earbuds there you go

Samsung Galaxy buds plus now you know so

there you have it thanks for watching

got you guys in the next one peace

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