MBA in Canada – Everything You Need To Know

MBA In Canada – What You Should Know

I personally feel that education cannot be

bought it is owned and this is for all

the people who are really hard workers

and would really like to follow the

right way or the legal way of doing

things so this video is for them no

offense to anyone if offended then

cannot do anything it’s the truth how

all my questions ready there are some of

the common questions that were repeated

by you guys I would be saying that at

the end of the video till then I will be

discussing almost all the basics of MBA

and I really hope that this helps you

this question is like what is the basic

requirement to do MBA from universities

in Canada so majority of the

universities have a similar like

requirement set so the first thing is

that you need to give a language test

and more specifically the IELTS over

here you need to get something between 7

to 7.5 and this changes from university

to university but the minimum is usually

7 in all the sections anything that you

require is a GMAT score the GMAT score

can be anything from 600 to 640 so that

is like the median score people say that

some of the universities even take

admission admissions at 550 that is true

there is University of Manitoba

University of benefit that goes for the

lower GMAT score but the better

universities which is the fact they go

for the score that varies from something

like 630 to 640 which is the median

score over third requirement is having a

work experience now you need a minimum

of one year of experience in some

universities but majority of the decent

ranking universities go for minimum of

two years of work experience this was

true in for all the fields that if you

are going for Mis if you’re going for

engineering management you still need

something like two years of work


post your undergrad the fourth

requirement is to have a decent

undergrad score are the other things

that actually strengthen your profiles

so other than your basic set of

requirements the things that strengthen

your profile is actually having your own

business or handling small or family

businesses the other thing is to have

some NGO NPO kind of an experience so

where you have done a good amount of

voluntary and social services and the

fourth thing is to have your own

business status having some kind of

entrepreneurship experience or some kind

of education experience that relates to

those fields where you can say that you

have your own managerial finance

experience etc where you actually try to

use all your potential to drive your own

business how similar is a PG TM course

and an MBA course so coming from a very

basic point of view they have a very

similar curriculum and they have a very

similar approach to education in general

but the thing that matters most is that

PT TM is more related to industrial

orientation and whereas MBA is more

related to theoretical and a lot more

technical details of it but the thing

about MBA is that that it is always

going to be given a little more priority

over PGDM now I do understand that I am

saw for PGDM but the same thing does not

function over here in Canada it changes

from country to country

so in Canada MBA test has a little more

value than a graduate diploma

it’s the approximate cost of doing MBA

over here so it really something from

$40,000 to $90,000 yes that’s right it

actually goes up to that limit so if you

up being something around $40,000 this

is what you nearly pay for any MBA in

any AIIMS over there back home in India

and $90,000 is a pretty high amount but

it is still a lot more economical then

in USA and I’m not suggesting that USL

does not have some freedom MBA program

it’s just that if you’re someone who is

looking at the cost if you got into two

universities and you’re still looking on

how to decide things then fees can be a

really good point to decide whether this

university or that university is your

future choice discussion is a little

repetitive that I require to take GMAT

yes if you’re going to for universities

you do need to take GMAT and there are

some universities that accept

GRE score over the GMAT score but that

is really rare so the better thing would

be to go for GMAT then to go for GRE

because GRE is more for engineering

backgrounds now coming on to GMAT it’s

usually a paper of eight hundred marks

and the median score comes out to 632

644 decent ranking universities hope you

have asked that is work experience

valued so work experience is extremely

valued because that shows that you use

your undergrad degree you went to the

industry you have some prior industrial

knowledge and you’re making the most of

it and hence you want to move a little

ahead in your career that’s why you want

to go for MBA you cannot just go for

VTEC or ba and then go for MBA because

you had nowhere to prove in the middle

that what you have done with your

undergrad degree and that’s why work

experience is really important also it

gives you a lot more professional touch

once you’re over here you feel that once

you get into an MBA program you’re going

to be the king no it’s not that when you

come over here you actually feel a

little bit of complex because you

understand that people have worked for

for like five years six years even some

people have like ten years of experience

and they’re extremely polished with the

language with the way they present

themselves so it’s always good to have a

little bit of work experience and come a

lot more learned professional and

humbleness this question is now very

popular amongst my indian audience is

that that is 15 years of education

accepted for doing MBA or even MS so yes

some universities and colleges to accept

that provided you have fulfilled all the

other criteria like Chima at work

experience Isles and everything else and

also the fact that your undergrad

university is of certain traditions so a

tradition I’m saying it wrong always so

if your undergrad university has NAAC

accredited university so there are

certain levels of each university if

your university has achieved that then

yes you can apply over here and you can

always check the eligibility criteria

sits there on all the websites it’s

pretty simple it does not take time

don’t be confused and dependent on your

consultants for this portal documents

that are required during the time of

application for your MBA so you

obviously need your I’ll score GMAT

score transcripts and everything but the

main thing that

require the most is one essay one

statement of purpose so the essay can be

about anything they are going to give

you that why’d you want to do something

or worry we want to do the topic is

going to be given by them then there is

going to be a statement of purpose and

there’s going to be a resume that shows

your entire work line up very clearly

and the last thing will be a letter of

recommendations now how are your letter

of recommendations different from any

engineering student is that that you can

actually provide letter of

recommendation not only from your h odn

props but also from your employer and it

is considered of supreme importance if

your employer gives you the lor how long

is the entire degree for so the degree

can be something from one year to two

years it can also be of 16 months where

four months are for coop and some of the

universities to provide co-op some

universities also give you the option

where you don’t have to take a co-op you

can do internship on your own and

register yourself under co-op later on

when it does not create much of a

difference it’s how you approach things

honestly it’s not like having a co-op is

having a guaranteed job that’s one of

the biggest myth you can ever have but

yes it depends from one year program to

two years program and the rule is pretty

simple if you apply for one your program

the work permit is for one year if you

apply for two years then the work permit

is of three years what are the various

programs that are offered so the V is

programs are usually the basic programs

such as HR marketing and sales and also

finance there are also several new

departments like ID on operations

international business management with a

major in supply chain so there are

several different fields so you can

always choose a field of work you like

to do of what you want to do rather than

taking a field by saying that it’s going

to pay me more no nothing of that sort

is ever going to happen

you’re just solely on basis of your

talent and your crates and your work

experience over here for future jobs so

try to be a little more tactful and what

you choose so some of you ask me that

should I go for m/s or MBA now that is

your choice it is your choice what you

want to do a civil engineer is not going

to fill out the post of an accountant an

accountant it’s not going to fill out

the post of a civil engineer so it’s

sure it’s purely so it’s purely your

choice of what you want to do and try

not to think

directions like where I can get a job

what if you come to the topmost

university and you’re not even able to

clear out the first semester and things

don’t work out for you so take something

that truly interests you you are

passionate about and a lot of people

take MBA thinking that you know they’re

good at management and everything but no

you have to be good at a lot of things

including math and case studies and a

lot of technical details also so be a

little wise in choosing your future

fields because you are literally carving

out your path like that okay so a lot of

you people ask me what is the best

University best universities wor define

best University there are universities

that are best for law there are

universities press for accountancy there

are several colleges over here that is

available to residents and citizens that

have paid better than universities so

you can actually not device a scale

where you can decide that this

university is best this is not

technically if they’re coming under top

20 trust me to get into any of them

would be a good thing for you this is a

very common question that what is the

job situation post

MBA so over here you don’t get campus

placements so getting a job is your own

thing so if you have the capacity and

capabilities you do get a job otherwise

it’s the same old thing you have to work

part-time or you have to do some other

things to pay for your rent and

everything but again this is a very

different country it comes with a very

different work culture so you have to

apply for your own jobs so it does not

matter if you are from rank one

University to rank 20 University if you

have the capacity and the capabilities

you to get a job if you ask me to name

the best colleges for MBA PGDM sorry and

I honestly can think of just one College

status known as Georgetown College

because I had a couple of seniors over

there and they were able to find jobs

and one of my client the only client I

ever saw for my college applications was

this so this client of mine went to

George Brown and he is happy over there

the other people are happy they got

their jobs so George Brown is the only

college I can think of

and recommend to you last question

actually annoys me the most is

affordable University I don’t know okay

I have not checked out the fee

structures of 20 universities if you

think you have the time to do that

please do that and even if you get the

affordable University it does not mean

you’re going to get an admit over there

so try to be a little more broad when

you think of your career other than just

thinking of the fees I do understand

that I pay my own fees no one

understands your situation better than I


but try to understand that that you can

always take a loan go for a good

university good go for a good cause and

once you are done with your studies you

will be able to pay off your own loan

and it’s not difficult to believe so if

there is a university that gives you an

education for 30 lakhs INR of course and

there is a college that gives you for 20

lakhs go for the university the 10 lakhs

gap will be fulfilled really soon I

again depends on the candidate my bad so

it will be fulfilled really soon just

have a little more trust in yourself and

a little more understanding of what you

want to do stop filtering universities

just on basis of fees and ranking try to

go more for your passion for where you

want to stay in future and everything of

that sort and a word professors you want

to study under there’s so many criterias

to choose a university

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