How To Choose University And Course in Australia

How To Choose University And Course in Australia

Melbourne might calm but also maximum

comments has been about how exactly you

should choose your course and how

exactly you should choose your

university so then this video I am gonna

tell you one of the factors that you

should consider while choosing your

course and while choosing your

University so check it out now obviously

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knowledge about Australia so guys we

have divided this video into two parts

the first part be then what are the

factors that you should consider while

choosing a course because you should

always choose your course before

finalizing the university and once you

have finalized your course you should go

up to researching about the university

so which factors you should consider

while choosing University would be the

part two so let’s go so basically there

are two types of students one who wants

to come here study go back to their own

country and then two whatever they want

to do in that country and second is one

who wants to come here see how exactly

life is here and want to apply for

permanent residency so if you fall in

first category which is that you want to

study here and then go back to your own

country then you should choose your

course that you’re extremely passionate

about and in one of the best university

but if you fall in part two which a lot

of people come here because they really

want to live in Australia because

obviously it is one of the beautiful

countries in the world so what you

should do is that you should seriously

consider looking at s/o elder and roots

of categories there for occupations and

then see which are the occupations which

are the subjects that you actually want

to learn and then shortlist at first and

then look for courses that which

universities offer those courses because

I understand you say that accounting is

one of the courses in s

list so you came here and started

learning accounting but you do not like

accounting at all you don’t want to work

as an accountant in your life

so you will get up here but then what

you’ll hate your life because you will

be doing something that you don’t want

to do every day you’ll be waking up to

something and cursing your job because

you don’t want to do that so always

consider this not only choose a subject

from a soilless but shortlist all the

subjects all the occupations that you

actually want to study and work in and

once you have done that trust me you

will love when you get a PR because you

will be working in a subject in a field

that you are interested in Pais it is

not only just advice from me but it’s a

request whenever you want to choose a

course please

research about the course that you’re

actually interested in another thing

that I tell you that a lot of people

don’t tell you including agents and

consultants don’t tell you is that today

there is XYZ course which is in SOL list

there is no guarantee that next year

that course will be in a soilless a lot

of people choose a course because it is

in a soilless right right now a lot of

people just because they want a PR they

start learning cookery they take

admission in that course and they are

not interested in becoming chef at all

it’s just for the PR you think you’ll be

happy once you have gotten the pier

because you’ll not be working in a field

that you want to work in or you’re

interested in so that’s why I’m telling

you to consider a course that you’re

actually interested in also as I was

telling you there is no guarantee that

this subject that is there on the SOL

list will be there even next year or two

after three years when you actually

finish studying and that – I am

requesting you guys then please study

something that does not only have value

in your own country

but something that

actually interested in and in that way

you will study something that you love

and then because you love that subject

because you love that field you will do

something excellent

amazing in that field so that’s all

about how to choose your course while

you’re coming to Australia let’s talk

about how to choose University now you

have to consider three main factors

while choosing a university one is which

is the city that you actually want to

live in and what is the scenario of your

field in that city so if you are going

for hospitality and then you’re going to

Brisbane it’s amazing because so many

hotels so many restaurants hospitality

industry is actually booming in

Queensland obviously it’s also doing

amazing in Melbourne and Sydney because

they are one of the most Arab cities but

also in Queensland then you have to

consider whether you actually like the

weather of that city or not because

believe it or not you are going to live

in that city for at least two years and

third is the ranking and fees of that

university every University and every

course has different rankings and

obviously different fees structure so

you have to see what your budget is for

example if you talk about University of

Melbourne which is one of the best

university in the whole world and in

Australia the reason why it’s so

expensive is because of its faculties

because of the facilities that provide

and because of its ranking so you have

to see what kind of exposure do you want

do you want to study from one of the

best professors in the country

and probably in the world professors who

have their own businesses or their

venture capital is somebody who have

achieved amazing things in their life

because those professors will be in the

best university as I told you you also

have to look at the city because if you

talk about University of Melbourne or

Monash University it is in Melbourne but

if you talk about UNSW which is also one

of the best universities that is in

Sydney so if you want to go to Melbourne

or your

Sydney or if you talk about a new which

is probably one of the best universities

in Australia that is in Canberra so you

have to decide which city do you really

want to live it when would you enjoy the


where did you get the most exposure and

then decide which university you want to


apart from deciding the city you have to

see core structure so whenever you are

comparing two universities for example

large Rob University and Swinburne

University those are also in Melbourne

also pretty good universities may be in

top 15 of Australia

then you have to select the course say

for example MBA or masters in IIT or any

courses like that so choose same courses

in both universities then on your

computer on left side open the course

structure of let’s say La Trobe

University and then of Swinburne

University then compare the subjects

decide which subjects will actually want

to study now this is a lot of work I

understand but because you are spending

what around fifty two hundred thousand

dollars in two years that is your

investment and if you are doing that

investment you have to make sure that

you get the maximum return out of that

so do proper research so one is about

the city other is about the university

third is the fee structure and then the

course structure what are the subjects

that you would be studying in this

university while during your first

semester second semester and so on I

understand majority of us always goes to

an agent then ask them which are the

best universities then they suggest four

or five University you choose one

according to the city a lot of times

without doing enough research and then

end up here and then you realize that a

lot of information was given to you was

not proper or maybe not complete and

that’s how you realize a lot of things

after coming here what I request you is

if you do enough research when you’re in

your own country your life here will be

much better also there’s a lot of

comments that we have received is about

which is the cheapest you know

in Australia nowadays nothing wrong if

you don’t want to spend ton of

money I understand not everybody has

that not everybody wants to spend that

much amount of money but I would clearly

request just do not consider only fees

please consider what exactly are you

going to study and after education what

are you going to do these are the

questions that you should ask yourself

before coming here and if you don’t want

to go into top 8 universities that is

year because they are bloody expensive

there are a lot of universities for

example La Trobe University Swinburne

University University of Technology

Sydney Canberra University Queensland

University of Technology a lot of them

but that will require a lot of research

on your part so next time you rely on

just my words or your agents word I

would really request you that put some

time in and research for yourself and

then 100% you will come up with the best

decision ever for yourself and you’ll be

proud of yourself all tonight I hope you

understand these are my opinion I hope

that you do your research and take

informed decision about yourself so

that’s pretty much it for today guys

hope this video is pretty helpful to

guys good luck for your research and the

life that’s going to come come to

Australia it’s amazing it will require a

lot of hard work but I’m sure you’re cut

off for that and you create some amazing

memories hope you can share this video

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