Google Pixel 3a Review: A for Ace!

Google Pixel 3a Review: A for Ace!

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hey what is up guys I’m QB HD here pixel

3a so you may have seen this guy in a

whole bunch of commercials and ads

recently they’ve been going hard with

those campaigns and a lot of those are

sort of hammering home the same two

points one 399 that’s the price starts

at 399 bucks and 2

this phone has a better camera than


fun fact all the ads just say pixel 3a

and phone X I could have sworn after

seeing a bunch of these some of them

said iPhone X you probably thought they

said iPhone X but no they all just say

phone X but Google we all know you’re

talking about the iPhone X and in the

fine print it says image shot on the

iPhone 10s so why not just say pixel 3a

vs. iPhone wouldn’t that make the point

even more powerful anyway so both those

two initial things are true it does

start at 399 bucks that’s how much I

paid for this one and it does have an

excellent camera one that’s actually

better than the iPhone which by itself

is kind of amazing at this price point

but of course there’s more to this phone

and I’ve been using it for about a week

so I’ll tell you about it so bring the

phone down in price as we know is all

about sacrifices and there’s been a ton

of focus on this camera naturally and

I’ll get to that but there are a bunch

of other things about this phone to

consider best way to analyze it though

is still to compare it to its bigger

brother which is the $800 pixel 3 there

aesthetically very similar they even

feel pretty much the same

now the pixel 3a is all plastic instead

of glass but they’ve actually done I

think a great job of making it feel

similar to the touch and I could swear

the plastic 3a is lighter when holding

them next to each other but the scale

confirms they’re pretty much the same

weight to this purplish color is also

kind of funny it looks basically sort of

pale lavender for most angles but if the

light hits it right sometimes it looks

more blue sometimes it looks more white

it really just depends on the

environment you’re in but you do get

that colored power button which I

appreciate and then the only place

you’re losing out on build quality of

this cheaper phone is the lack of

wireless charging and no water

resistance and then you

actually gained a headphone jack huh

would you look at that these budget

phones just keep the headphone jack

around but other than that it still

really feels like a pixel oh and I’ve

also noticed the fingerprint reader on

the back of the 3a

is a little bit more recessed than the

three again here’s the 3a and then the

three pretty sure that’s because the

pixel three is all glass so you have the

glass fingerprint reader at the same

level but this is a plastic phone you

still need glass and the fingerprint

reader so they sort of indented it and

I’m the only other main aesthetic

difference is the display which is what

you’re looking at most of the time so

you’re getting a slightly thicker bezel

on both the top and bottom and the sides

and the pixel 3a has a decidedly meh

display it’s a little bigger than the

pixel three it’s a five point six inch

1080p OLED but it doesn’t get very

bright to the point where it actually

can be kind of tough to see it outdoors

and then even when you’re in normal

indoor environments it looks fine when

you’re staring straight at it but the

off-axis color shift is noticeable it

starts to go cool and a little green

earlier than normal so the display

quality itself to me was a downgrade

which is a big deal to me since I’m

someone who pixel peeps and does a lot

of photo editing and things like that on

my phone so if you do that too you’ll

notice and then the speaker has a bit

cut off too so the pixel three as we

know had dual front-facing stereo

speakers one of my favorite things about

it the pixel 3a still has that top

speaker so I’m glad to still have

front-facing audio but then down at the

bottom – chin is super empty and you

have a single downward firing speaker at

the bottom that comes out of this grille

but what’s funny is if you take some

magnet paper to the back you can see the

speaker is all the way over on one side

and this is common on phones like the

iPhone where the grille is just another

resonance chamber for audio to come out

it turns out the sound doesn’t actually

come out both sides it’s just for show

on the 3a you can still easily block the

one side that audio comes out the bottom

grille but again at least it’s still

just half of the speaker pair you still

get audio coming out the top so you’re

not totally blocking it and the

speaker’s get pretty loud and they sound

fine so the main concern many people

have had and rightfully so with the

pixel 3a is just is it’s low a lot of

budget phones nowadays or mid-range

phones are still bringing the top

high-end specs before they sacrifice

with other things pixel 3a does not have


spec’s it has a snapdragon 670 the

audrina 615 4 gigs of ram and so if

pixel 3 was already having performance

issues what’s this phone gonna be like

well I’m here to tell you after using

this phone for a little while it

performs kind of just like the pixel 3

meaning it’s fine it gets the job done

you will notice it’s not as smooth as

the higher end ones and it definitely

struggles with RAM management still

there are apps closing in the background

only 4 gigs of RAM but it just kind of

works fine I don’t know if maybe I’m

even more critical because I just came

from the oneplus 7 Pro which is the

smoothest fastest phone I’ve ever used

but pixel 3a just kind of feels like it

chugs along doesn’t care too much about

smoothness and just eventually does what

you say so opening and closing apps and

multitasking and opening files and

editing photos all that stuff it doesn’t

lag at all it’s just not as fast but

it’s not too slow or unusable it’s just

fine so this phone also has slower

internal storage than other flagships

and I can tell in the speed of opening a

lot of bigger apps and bigger files but

you know it’s not killing me and then

one part of the performance of this

phone that I can say actually does much

better than its older brother is the

battery life because you’re only pushing

at 1080p display and lower power

internals and this phone has killed it

with the battery life I’ve consistently

got over 5 hours of screen on time with

the three a usually more and on heavy

days I could just barely kill it in a

day so this is refreshing because some

phones in this budget class do you cut

down on the battery some don’t but this

one actually has physically larger

batteries than the flagship brothers so

that was kind of nice to see battery

life good on the 3a so that just leaves

the last part the part that Google knows

they have on lock the cameras on the

pixel so the 3a has the exact same

hardware for the single rear camera same

sensor same glass same oh is and

everything on the front though you go

from dual front facing cameras one ultra

wide and one standard to a single selfie

camera that’s sort of in-between so it’s

a little wider than normal but it’s not

quite the full ultra wide so it’s a good

compromise but in this rear camera this

is the reason to get hyped over this

phone of course photos from a3 a are

very detailed and have tons of dynamic

range and great color taking pictures

with it it’s so easy to forget it’s a

form $4 phone because no other budget

phone takes photos anywhere near this

good especially in the more challenging

lighting scenarios so like shooting

directly into the Sun or I’m darker

lighting things like that it’s no

question night sight is still on another

level now something else to note the

pixel 3a does not have the dedicated

image processing chip or pixel visual

core that the flagship has so what does

that mean basically that now it’s

processing images on the snapdragon 670

instead I found that this has almost

zero effect on the actual final image

quality really the only thing you’ll

notice for sure is photos take a little

longer to actually process after you

snap the photo that’s about it so

overall if pixel 3 is image is an A+

then this is an a and that’s still miles

ahead of any other camera of any phone

in this price range so should you buy a

pixel 3a of course this is gonna be a

really good phone at the price for a lot

of people but it’s not just as simple as

saying oh it’s just like the pixel but

cheaper it’s just a little more nuance

than that there are a lot of other

competitive phones out around at this

price now more than ever before you have

that zenfone 6 that just came out at 500

bucks but that’s pretty nice

you have the oneplus 60 and the oneplus

7 out there the galaxy s 9 coming down

in price from last year so there’s a lot

of happening the pixel 3 8 chops down in

a couple places where some other

mid-range phones wouldn’t have so it

doesn’t have the super high-end specs

and it’s just never gonna feel blazing

fast and of course no wireless charging

and no water resistance we know that but

it does bring down a lot of those things

from higher-end phones like its Big

Brother that we love so much like that

same fingerprint reader on the back the

same squeeze for a cysteine is still

there the same really good haptic motor

which is underrated for stuff like

typing and notifications the same super

smart software experience that will be

updated first in line and an even better

battery life and then of course the best

camera quality of any phone so there are

other things that are more important to

some people than just the camera in

which case there’s a whole world of

other phones in this world that you can

look into like I mentioned but if you’re

in it for the best possible photo

quality and the absolute best software

experience for 400 bucks you’re looking

at it right here

pixel 3 a simple as that so there you

have it thanks for watching

get you guys the next one peace

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