CyberTruck phone impression

CyberTruck phone impression


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tech, geeks, technology, reviews

yo what’s up guys I’m poppy HD here

welcome back to quarantine content just

a little entertainment for you while

some of us are staying inside

I’m your host marques Brownlee and you

remember the cyber truck right made a

lot of headlines mean angles no curves

at all pretty unconventional looking to

say the least but then after that do you

remember all the articles that came out

about the phone that was based on the

cyber truck that was gonna come out just

a few weeks later well I have it here

and this is this is perfect quarantine

content because nobody’s actually

thinking about buying this phone but I

figured I’d check it out anyway because

we just have that kind of time now so

this is called the caviar iPhone 11 Pro

max cyber phone and I guess it’s really

appropriately named because that’s

really all this is it’s an iPhone 11 Pro

built into you a casing that looks

somewhat like a cyber truck I guess you

know there are definitely no curves to

this body at all it’s a very angular

it’s a straight up rectangle stands on

its own very industrial looking so sure

I guess I see it and it also like the

cyber truck is huge so it turns the

regular-sized iPhone into a really wide

heavy like brick like object that would

honestly probably be better as a

self-defense projectile than anything

else this cyber truck used cold rolled

stainless steel as it’s like outside

body panels giving it that distinctive

look the cyber truck phone well can’t a

cyber can I call it wait hold on you on

can they call it the cyber truck phone

oh it’s the cyber phone right okay maybe

that’s safe so the cyber phone also uses

bare metal as you can tell and it’s it’s

titanium they say now they sent me this

review sample which they say is aluminum

but the final versions will be titanium

if they ship any but just overall you

get the picture you already know it an

iPhone is and you know what it looks

like just imagine it in a case made of

curved ‘less metal with some clicky

button cutouts and grooves on the sides

in fact that’s really what it is that

you know the more you look at it the

more it just looks like an iPhone

in a ridiculous case and it costs $7,000

so yeah that’s this is why I preface

this by saying it’s it’s ridiculous no

one in their right mind would pay

thousands of dollars for an iPhone in a

metal case right but then again here’s

the thing about pricing why would a

thousand dollar phone wrapped in $300

with metal suddenly costs seven thousand

dollars you may be having flashbacks to

the video I did not too long ago about

why Apple’s charging seven hundred

dollars for the wheels to the Mac Pro

basically the pricing has everything to

do with this logo on the back here


Hands on review

yes they’re also the ones that made that

hundred thousand dollar gold iPhone I

reviewed last year you can imagine if

incipio or like OtterBox or somebody

tried to sell a metal case for the

iPhone like this how much could they get

away with selling a case like this for

$1.99 maybe 249 at the most but caviar

is doing their thing going way over the

top with the fancy packaging and then

the whole bunch of separately packaged

accessories in there and the ton of

paperwork including a certificate of

authenticity and a bunch of advertising

for their other products you might see a

sort of a theme here so where you and I

see a six month old iPhone wrapped in a

metal case for seven thousand dollars

caviar and its customers potentially see

another tech themed accessory

collectible that happens to be writing

the press wave of the actual cyber truck

bingo it’s kind of dumb actually like

the more you actually hold this and just

look at it and try to use it the more

you realize this case actually makes the

iPhone experience worse and I know a lot

of people buy nice cars and put them in

a garage and maybe those same people buy

this phone and never use it but if you

try to use this because that’s my job

there’s a couple things you might notice

that are pretty bad there’s a sharp

metal lip at the bottom of the phone

where you’re supposed to swipe up for

all your gestures every time you unlock

so that’s pretty unfortunate the

Lightning port at the bottom is now

recessed pretty

ahran thanks to the thickness of the

case which means every time I try to use

any higher quality lightning cable other

than the cheap one that comes with the

iPhone it doesn’t work because it

doesn’t actually reach the Lightning

port it’s too far recessed also as you

may have imagined a thick metal case

like this nooks wireless charging so you

can say goodbye to that feature too and

I haven’t tested the antenna performance

but I can’t imagine a case like this

improve signal strength at all and

there’s also this huge hole on the side

because that’s where the SIM card

ejector tray is now they included this

fancy tool which is metal with both a

pin and a hook on it and that’s because

in order to fish the SIM card tray out

of this case you need both to eject it

and then use that hook to fish it out

basically which is I mean I guess it’s

cool that they thought of that but jeez

now that is an ugly hole in the side of

your case so after all this I thought

you know what maybe it’s a durability

angle you know those things attack the

cyber truck played the durability angle

pretty well after all well pretty well I


figured hey you know what maybe this

metal enclosure holds up two drops

better but little did I know it would

have its own cyber truck window moment I

dropped the phone one time on video

that’s the only time I’ve dropped it and

just like the cyber truck the glass

cracked so it’s not entirely a

bulletproof strategy also you may

remember the promo videos with this

dramatic folding piece over the front of

the screen for protection and ergonomics

but this one doesn’t actually have that

see this is the cyber truck phone or

cyber phone light and that one doesn’t

have any moving pieces but on their site

you can step up to the full on cyber

phone for seven thousand six hundred

eighty dollars which gets you that fancy

ergonomic plate thing or you can step

all the way up to the twenty thousand

dollar cyber phone billionaire Edition

where the the body is made of silver

with gold accents I’m pretty isn’t

silver a pretty soft metal actually

well that probably won’t hold up to

drops well but there you have it the

cyber truck phone from all those videos

and all those headlines does exist in

real life and it’s ridiculous and nobody

should actually buy one but you know

what as a reward for making it to the

end of this video about a ridiculous

thing you should never buy you get a

chance to win one so I’ll be giving away

this my cracked aluminum review sample

of the cyber phone I’ll be giving it

away on Twitter in the next few days so

definitely follow over there if you want

to get entered and have a shot at it and

also let me know what you think about

this thing in the comments section below

also you can always grab some merch if

you want to support the channel link

below for that as well that’s been

pretty much it thanks for watching catch

you guys very soon in the next one pace

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