Apple Card Unboxing

Apple Card Unboxing

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hey what’s up guys I’m Kip EHD here so

if you remember that services Apple

event back in March that weird one the

one actual piece of hardware technically

that was announced at that event was

this shiny new titanium Apple credit

card called Apple card

well now it’s August and actually have

one now here so we have to answer the

question what would it be like if Apple

made a credit card so this is the card

itself like I mentioned it’s made of

literally titanium all matte white on

the front and the back

super clean as you’d expect from Apple

hardware and it’s got this precise laser

cut out with your name on the front and

the Apple logo and the chip of course

and then on the back is a magnetic

stripe and at Goldman Sachs and

MasterCard logos so the issuing Bank and

the card provider for this guy and right

off the bat I know there are other metal

credit cards but I don’t have any so

this is very different from the rest of

what I normally carry it’s the same

thickness as a normal card but quite a

bit heavier being metal and also way

less flexible feels more durable I’m not

gonna try to actually break this thing

but if flex is way less it’s more solid

and then there’s this sort of chamfer

that goes all the way around and gleams

and catches in the light as you’d expect

from a solid block of metal this is this

is the wallet I carry right now it’s

made by trove I’ll link it below since

people always ask about it but I don’t

carry cash I just have a couple cards

with me and the card key actually to get

into the studio literally wrapped in a

deep brand skin so I don’t have to look

at the brown colour that it actually is

but the Apple card would fit right into

a normal wallet it’s the same size as

every other card not too much thicker

the only thing that actually concerns me

here is the white finish like how does

it where does it start to chip off or

does it start to discolor over

not exactly sure but it does look super

clean right out the box so to activate

it it comes in this colorful packaging

with instructions wake I phone and hold

here so I just touched the top of my

iPhone right to the bottom of the card

right around here and it comes up in iOS

just like any other pair of air pods or

something to pair you activate the card

here and it adds it to your wallet app

and you’re officially good to go this is

essentially a credit card for iPhone

users like that’s just that’s what it is

meaning it’s basically an extension of

the Apple pay that you could already use

but now in a physical credit card form

so all those places that don’t accept

Apple pay but you still want to use

Apple pay so it shows up in the wallet

app you have a physical card to do it

and then on top of that there are a lot

of legitimately nice features on the

wallet app that you may already know

cents it’s a credit card this time there

is a slider to show how much interest

you’d be paying versus different payment

schedules with this really clean

intuitive UI the red color like actively

discourages you from making the minimum

payment and racking up more interest so

that’s pretty cool and then fun fact

Sonia at the verge actually tweeted that

he noticed in the app the color gradient

of the card actually means something so

it starts off completely white like mine

before you spend any money on anything

with the card and then any time you

spend money at a different merchant or

category it adds colors to the gradient

so I wanted to test that out for myself

so I went to be an H and literally i

pre-ordered my Galaxy Note 10 with the

Apple card and sure enough instantly

like literally a half a second after I

pressed the Buy button on B and HS site

my app populated with that purchase and

added the color to my card so I’m

starting my gradient of colors now so

yeah I can confirm that’s what’s

happening here it was really impressive

ly fast and then it gives you a purchase

history where you can dig into each

purchase every transaction and see it on

a map so if you don’t recognize it you

can look up exactly where it came from

honestly a lot of stuff that I wish my

current banking app also did and then I

guess one of the most underrated pieces

of it is it’s all secured with face ID

so even if someone finds your card or if

someone steals your car

they can’t use it because they don’t

have your iPhone or even if they do have

your iPhone they don’t have your face

you can also remotely deactivate the

card from the wallet app which is also

where you can grab the card number if

you want to pay for things online using

a form like I just did with B and H and

then of course it’s just also very clean

there’s no card number on the card

that’s a little more secure I guess and

there’s no signature since that’s not

required anymore it’s in the app so you

just get this nice super clean look it’s

pretty nice actually now to be honest as

a credit card it’s actually not that

amazing of a credit card interest rates

are okay you know 12% and up depending

on your credit score if you get approved

but like you know you won’t see this on

any best to value cards lists anytime

soon the one cool thing is instead of

giving you points that build up over

time it just gives you straight Apple

cash the next day so you can spend it 24

hours after you’ve earned it you get one

percent cash back on everything so like

that note 10 I just bought on B&H with

the card I got one percent cash back I

get two percent cash back on everything

that I use Apple pay for and you get

three percent cash back on everything

you buy from the Apple Store from Apple

I don’t know who’s spending that much

money and Apple that that would be a

thing you’d care about but okay that’s

what you get I don’t know I kind of just

see this thing as a status symbol slash

flex of the decade honestly this is a

very gratuitous that that’s just what it

is one thing I do have to say though

just because the features are so good

and so intertwined with that wallet app

on the iPhone beware of the ecosystem if

you thought the walls of the the garden

weren’t high enough already just because

people don’t want to leave the iPhone

because of iMessage and the green and

blue bubbles people don’t want to leave

the iPhone because they have all the

storage and iCloud already imagine

trying to switch to an Android phone but

you don’t want to now because you also

have to give up your credit card like

that’s nuts

so beware this is obviously another tool

that can be used to sort of trap you in

the Apple ecosystem but you already knew

that right anyway thanks for watching

this quick one just forget I give a

quick update since there is technically

actually new

hardware around but uh that’s just about

all there is to it also shout-out to the

waveform podcast is now officially

launched I’ll have a link right below

that like button if you want to check it

out episode 1 is up and we’ll have more

info on that coming soon

either way thanks for watching catch you

guys later peace

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